The E-Cell NITB aims on the skills necessary for entrepreneurship and successfully managing it. The planning, development and initiation of the innovative ventures stage wise will be inculcated to the participants. The areas covered include the foundations of entrepreneurship development along with tools and techniques for creative and innovative thinking. The important role of intellectual property along with the types will be discussed This workshop explores and improves the experiences and potential of entrepreneurs, thus helping to make solid business plans The workshop has the objective of introducing the participants with fundamental of entrepreneurship development so that they can understand the requirements and challenges in this area. The applied aspect of this workshop will be the practical sessions where they can apply this knowledge in decision making. Following are the key learning sessions of this workshop:
• Ideation And research
• MVP development and plan / prototyping and Building the team and Business Model Canvas
• Marketing planning and financial model
• Funding strategy, plan and Business legalities and procedures
Entrepreneurship Development is gradually becoming very significant in various areas of economic development. Innovative start-ups and new enterprises act as a catalyst for the economy. Novel opportunities and market gaps are identified and resources are allocated to them to produce something new and useful. The need of the hour is to develop effective policies to cater to the new challenges such that the modern day problems can be solved. The workshop focuses on the basic and advanced approaches of entrepreneurial development and how it can be imbibed to the participants

• Ideation And research

  • We will pick an idea on which we have to build a start-up. Researching about the idea and brainstorming sessions will be kept.
  • Then documenting the idea and creating proof of concept for the idea.
  • Research about the idea.
  • Researching the market needs and demands related to ideas.
  • Surveying for the idea and learning from the resources already there in the market related to the idea.
  • • MVP development and plan / prototyping

  • Creating design for the product and planning on how to make the product.
  • Choose a tech stack and students will be given an introduction about the tech stacks that are being used.
  • Building the MVP product and documenting it.
  • Students will be taught how to make business plans and research for the business plans of the other companies.
  • They will be taught how to evaluate a business plan for their best fit market.
  • • Marketing planning and financial model

  • Students will be taught how to make financial models for their startups
  • Evaluating balance sheets, basics of audit, reading the financial statements.
  • How to create a market strategy for their best fit market.
  • Learning on how different companies do marketing and what are the best marketing practices.
  • Learning marketing strategies of different companies.
  • • Funding strategy, plan and Business legalities

  • Students will be taught about the funding rounds and procedure and what are the legalities that are involved in the funding rounds.
  • How business works and what other things to be taken care of once you are registered as a company.
  • What kind of taxes are leveraged on a company and stages of growth of the company?
  • What are the legalities involved in the business?
  • Documenting the plans and procedures.
  • Nishank Bhatia

    Business Influencer | Growth Strategist

    abhishek Rana

    Founder And CEO Of Codenera

    Bhavpreet Singh Soni

    Trademark Attorney | Franchisee Model Growth Consultant

    Mudit Vijay Dudhoria

    CEO At Young Attitude ! A Global Entrepreneur & Speaker

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