Learn the mastery of advanced techniques ranging to create a better future. Witness the grandeur of Technical learning through Workshops by E-Cell NIT-B. Workshops provide hands-on experience by industrial experts in various fields. They are a comprehensive place with intensive exercises and numerous sessions on concepts that require guidance to master them. Let’s break down each section of the workshop to discover the technical guidance coming your way.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE: A course on the future of automobiles discussing the constraints faced presently and the effective solution for it. The Workshop involves deep understanding of the various components of the Electric automotives including the structure and mechanism of the engine to the design of the Lithium-ion battery. Gain knowledge on the efficient powertrain system which runs on green energy.

DATA SCIENCE: The Data Science Workshop will provide you with the entire toolbox required to explore your inner data scientist. With the rising demands for data scientists, this field offers abundant job opportunities. This workshop overviews a wide range of topics including Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python. Register to gain insights into structured data scientist training.

Electric Vehicle

5 December 2021

Data Science

12 December 2021

Embedded Systems

19 December 2021

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