Startup Expo provides a platform to the most innovative and disruptive startups from all over the country to interact with thousands of its potential customers and investors. We provide an opportunity for the attendees to learn about the new entrepreneurial techniques. In Startup Expo, there will be a presentation by the startups where they will describe their product in detail and its potential impact. We'll also be bringing C-Level executives from top corporations, government agencies, incubators, investors, VC funds, banks and tech companies at a single platform.

• Eligibility

  • Startups should be registered, with their active websites.
  • Startups should be bootstraped or Seed funded or incubation/pre-incubation stage.
  • Startups should be actively generating revenue for 1-2 years.
  • • Rules and regulation

  • Registration Procedure:
    1. Last date to register:05/02/2022
    2. After the reviewing and selection process, selected startups will be notified through email and call.
    3. After selection, startups are required to send a confirmation mail to E-Summit MANIT Bhopal at esummit@ecellnitb.com to confirm their participation.
    4. A unique slot no. will be allotted to all the selected startups, along with a point of contact from the E-Summit team.
    5. Startups must pay a minimal registration fee of INR 2500 and booth allocation fee of INR 7500 to E-Summit MANIT within three days of confirmation. The information regarding the same will be conveyed through mail.
  • Screening Process:
    1. Pitching will be done in front of investors, followed by their visit to individual booths, where they may interact if the startup idea generates interest in them.
    2. A Judging panel composed of investors, mentors, and a few members of E-Cell NIT-B's partners will give points to the startups upon their pitching, according to which they will be given cash prizes or credits.
  • • Prizes:

  • AWS Cloud Services Credits:
    1. All the participating Startups will receive credits worth USD 1000.
    2. Top 15 startups will win credits worth USD 5000.
  • Taskade Workspace Credits:
    1. Free lifetime unlimited plan(worth USD 5 per person per month) to winners.
    2. Free unlimited plan valid upto 5 years for all participants.
  • Freshworks Technology Credits:
    1. USD 10,000 worth credits to top 15 Startups.
    2. USD 4000 worth credits to all the participants.
  • Start-up Lab Giveaways:
    1. Services worth INR 5000 to Top 5 startups
    2. 15% OFF on services valid upto 1 year for all the remaining participants.
  • AIC-RNTU Giveaways:
    1. Selected startups will get services at the Incubation centre.
    2. Co-working space to the winners of Startup-Expo.
  • SkwerUp:
    1. Mentorship to all the participants of Startup Expo.
  • India Accelerator:
    1. Live projects and 2-months internships for top performers.
    2. Shortlisted teams will receive a mentorship session.
    3. Technology credits(AWS, Zoho, Google Suite, etc.) upto USD 1 Million to the winning team.
  • • Result declarations:

  • To get the results when available, the participants must follow all of E-Cell MANIT’s social media handles.
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