Nishank Bhatia

Business Influencer | Growth Strategist | Consultant | Speaker

For my introduction, I run a Direct Selling Business (FMCG Sector) and I am a Business Strategist/Consultant to a lifestyle activewear brand , an organic food brand and a textile brand. I mentor students running their startups. Also, an avid Speaker at webinars/semibars on Entrepreneurship across public and student forums. My passion lies in Films and Photography. I founded the film and photography society of SGGSCC, Delhi University eventually converting it into a production company 'Invictus Productions' that has made 10 short films, 3 brand films etc

Sessions By Nishank Bhatia

December 4, 2021

Ideation and research

We will pick an idea on which we have to build a start-up. Researching about the idea and brainstorming sessions will be kept. Then documenting the idea and creating proof of concept for the idea.

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