Mudit Vijay Dudhoria

CEO At Young Attitude ! A Global Entrepreneur & Speaker

Started Entrepreneurial Journey at the age of 16 . Now A Serial Entrepreneur . - YOUTH AMBASSADOR at TIEcon 2013 Silicon Valley which is the world's largest entrepreneurial summit that happens annually at SV. -An Evangelist, Volunteer & Member of TiE, a not-for-profit global network of entrepreneurs and professionals. - Speaker At IIT, IIM, Gyan Vihar University , ICG University and Various Other Universities. - Been On Board As A Panelist, Keynote Speaker For Various International Conferences. - Been a Winner and Finalist at Various Global Business Plan Competitions ! - Designing & Innovating Usage of NFC in exchanging Information With Just a Shake Hand ! - Concept & Design Of Most Innovative Communication System which showed it's Magic with a Band/ Mobile app & a Pen!

Sessions By Mudit Vijay Dudhoria

December 26, 2021

Marketing planning and financial model

Students will be taught how to make financial models for their startups. Evaluating balance sheets, basics of audit, reading the financial statements.

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