Crypto Trading Simulation consists of 3 tiers including a Keynote session by Raoul Pal. The first stage will be a training workshop, followed by the simulation game and the Keynote session. Participants will get to learn about the Crypto Market i.e., how digital currency works, working of blockchain, how new crypto currencies are invented, how crypto currencies impact economies, and enables the participant to think in new ways so as to account for logic, analysis, and thoughtful reflection that investing demands. Thereafter the Crypto Market Simulation Event will take place with the replica of numerous cryptocurrencies to gain a deeper understanding of them before investing where the participant with maximum net worth by the end of the contest wins.

• Timeline

8-9 Jan 2022 6-8 PM
Trading Workshop

Master advanced techniques of Crypto Trading including Technical Analysis and many more in this masterclass with a Full-Time Trader by profession.

10-15 January 2022
Crypto Trading Simulation

The simulation game will be a simulation of the Crypto Market. The participants will be given a replica of several cryptocurrencies to gain a deeper understanding of them before investing where the participant with maximum net worth by the end of the contest wins.

18th January 2022
Keynote Session

Get your questions answered, as well as tips and tricks to earn maximum gains from the volatile Dalal Street with an expert on Crypto Trading.

• Prizes

  • Winner - 15k and 5k USD credits
  • First Runner Up - 7K and 3K USD credits
  • Second Runner Up - 5K and 2K credits
  • Next top 10 traders - 500 and 1K USD credits
  • • Eligibility

  • Participants registered for the workshop are eligible for the contest.
  • • Judging Criteria

  • Net profit gained at the end of the event.
  • • Rules and Regulations

  • Participants can register themselves via the official E-Cell NIT-B website.
  • The Simulation game will begin on 10 January 2022, and will last for 6 days.
  • All the required links will be provided to only registered participants.
  • Top cryptos will be added while creating the simulation. Crypto currencies will be taken from various exchanges.
  • Coordinators from E-Cell will keep track of the assets of all participants and will make sure that no fallacy occurs.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision by the Event Coordinator, passed NOT without consultation and consent of the team, will be final.
  • At the start of the event, 10 January, the value of the Cryptos will be their actual value at the moment; as the trading proceeds, the values of Cryptos will rise or fall according to the actions of the traders and will be accommodated suitably by the website itself.
  • At the conclusion of the event, 15 January; the net worth of all participants will be calculated by summing up the price of their Cryptos and the liquid cash at their disposal.
  • The top three traders will be announced and awarded at the closing ceremony of E-Summit’22. The cash money will be sent to them in their bank accounts.
  • Raoul Pal

    Keynote Session Speaker | E-Summit'22

    Neel Kukreti

    Keynote Session Speaker | E-Summit'22

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